Ron Jensen has been taking photos ever since he picked up an old folding camera at the age of six. The camera had a hole in the bellows which rendered it mostly useless; but by the age of eight, Ron’s parents had given him a brand new Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, and he has been making pictures ever since.

Though the balance of his professional career has been spent in offices, in his spare time, Ron has been an avid outdoorsman his entire life. Thus, it was natural that his photographic interests would eventually turn to wildlife, landscapes, and outdoor sporting events. And it is probably just as natural that eventually, he would take steps to share his art with others, as he does with this exhibit.

Increasingly interested in both wildlife conservation – especially the preservation of predators – and wildlife photography, Ron has over the past few years traveled literally thousands of miles from Alaska to South Africa almost always accompanied by his wife Cindy – a talented photographer in her own right – to capture photos of some our most exotic creatures. In addition, Ron is passionate about expansive western landscapes, where, as he says, “The sky goes all the way to the ground.”

A licensed pilot for over four decades, Ron has recently revised this site to include a section of aviation photographs. With that addition, he says the site includes all of the things he enjoys photographing, except “dogs, race cars, and my marvelous family.”

On a technical note, most of the photos on this site were originally shot in camera RAW and edited with Light Room and/or Photoshop Elements. Ron does not use High Dynamic Range processing and essentially edits these photos only to the extent he might have edited black and white photos in his basement darkroom, back in the seventies.

Finally, here is a list (in no particular order) of photographers who have inspired and/or instructed Ron…individuals he calls, “Photographer Super-Stars.”

Michael Forsberg
Weldon Lee
Joel Sartore
Moose Peterson
Randy Hampton
Tom Mangelsen